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Pinksilver is proud to announce its first long player by Venezuelan artist Miguel Colmenares.

On the back of his first outing with Pinksilver, ‘Guaguanco’, a track which appeared on many DJ live sets & mixes including Matthew Dear’s Creamfield’s set in 2006, Miguel showcases a range of production styles straddled between warm, emotive melodies & deeper, dance floor driven techno on Dancing Guaguanco in Space. In amongst these future sounds lies a hint of Latin flavour & rhythm which highlights Miguel’s unique & original production styles.

Guaguanco de Dia features the emotive & warm side of minimal techno with tracks such as Orituco, Tikitu Dub & Guarara. Sleep Slacks & Antiguo continue the Latin flavour with strong rhythmic arrangements nestled in-between clean & crisp sound palettes.

Guaguanco de Noche focuses on more late-night hypnotic sounds, starting with Tranquilito & People Mover. Neutralize showcases some phat bass & wicked grooves, while the title track, Dancing Guaguanco in Space, reveals a new take on the original with a rolling rhythm coupled with the trademark hook. Noche comes to an end with Klunkaso, an up & down journey through glitchy & driving tech resonance.

With a plethora of music releases each week, ‘Dancing Guaguanco in Space’ is a special artistic journey that will stand the test of time. Organic rhythms meet synthetic sounds. This is Pinksilver.


Guaguanco de Dia:

01:: Orituco
02:: Tikitu Dub
03:: Guarara
04:: Sleep Slacks
05:: Antiguo

Guaguanco de Noche:

06:: Tranquilito
07:: People Mover
08:: Neutralize
09:: Guaguanco in Space
10:: Klunkaso

Mastering by Beets
Artwork by Brunella Giannangeli

Download: Complete Release

Visit: Pinksilver


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