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Much in the tradition of American Bandstand and Soul Train,

the American Television tradition started off with live bands, live music, and lots of dancing. The image of people moving on-screen has captivated millions, and thanks to the success of Dancing With The Stars and other televised talent shows, the number of viewers continues to rise.

Keeping up with the tradition, “View At Your Own Risk” and The Blacklight Special Present:


A TELEVISED DANCE PARTY featuring ONE FULL HOUR of Electronic Dance Music provided by NIKO and RENÉ of UNDERGROUND SOULS.

If you’ve never been on TV, now is your chance!

Please join us and become a part of our interactive studio audience!

We ask that all guests arrive ON SET by 9:00 PM!!

No Food or Beverages allowed inside the studio.


7000 Hollister Ave.

Goleta, CA




A great night of music, family, and friends.

Footage captured by Jake Izzo

Track List:

001 – Jay Tripwire – One-World – Original Mix

002 – Andy Compton – Quietstorm – Original Mix

003 – Jay Tripwire – Into The Shadows – Sax Mix

004 – W&P Hgg – Space Part !! – Original Mix

005 – Lee Curtiss – The Disco Dub – Original Mix

006 – Donnacha Costello – Leaving Berlin – Lawrence Remix

007 – Stereociti – Waiting For Your Call – Original Mix

008 – Kai Alce – Kzr Gruv – Original Mix

009 – Ryan Crosson, Guti – Marimbaby – Original Mix

010 – Gadi Mizrahi – Can’t Stop This Feeling – Original Mix

011 – Matthew Dear, Seth Troxler – Hurt – Martinez Dark Soul Remix


DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save-As)

This is a Live Television broadcast that I did for my friend’s show, “View At Your Own Risk.” It was a great experience and a lot of fun; it allowed me to educate the “uninitiated” about real dance music. I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to play and the exposure it has given me. Thank you, VAYOR!


I’d like to thank everyone that put in the backbreaking work to get this party moving. Cerca Del Mar was a grand success, and it couldn’t have been done without you guys.  Everyone who helped with setup, and ESPECIALLY those who helped with tear down, THANK YOU!!


Photos by Michael McCann




Videos by Fab0ne

Closing my set with 25 Bitches by Troy Pierce, with Gaiser on the Remix. 

This is some heavy shit right here! This is the raw, face melting, dirty ass shakin’ kinda techno that I fell in love with. 

Just watch and listen:

The Blacklight Special – The Concept Of Ego-Based Fear

(Right Click/Save-As)

Track List:

001 – Oblivion – The Rain And The Train – Original Mix
002 – Fusiphorm – Green Chocolate – Kolja’s Exploding Cake Remix
003 – Sebastien Leger – Sun – Original Mix
004 – Johnjon – Ach Gewitter – Original Mix
005 – Paul Ritch – Back To The Time – Original Mix
006 – Luca Bacchetti – The Way To Corcovado – Original Mix
007 – Trentemoller, Buda, Krede – Gamma – Minilogue Remix
008 – Sara Galli – Ebony – Original Mix
009 – Alex Kenji – Penelope – Original Mix
010 – Namito – Zizou – Tom Pooks Zizooks Remix
011 – Paco Buggin – Jetlag – Alex Young Remix
012 – Robbie – The Joint – Luca Bacchetti Remix
013 – Frankie – Brize – Original Mix
014 – Alex Bau – Halifax Funk