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Up and coming producer Platypus aka Ryan Dennis [Toronto, Canada] makes his EP debut on Thoughtless Music. Featuring three original tracks and a remix from Roland M. Dill, this EP strikes a fair balance between lush melodies, deep low ends, and is fit for either the living room or dance floor. Enjoy!



On Friday, March 9th, Raiz makes their much anticipated return to Santa Barbara! We are very excited to have them back, and if you caught them at their last show in 2010, we know you’re just as amped as we are!

These two brother’s have taken California (and beyond) by storm. With their remarkable energy on stage, skillfully selected tracks, and technical mixing, their presence will be felt and understood.

Making his Santa Barbara Debut, fellow Droid Behavior member SUBVERSIVE will be lending support.

Opening duties will be provided by Niko & Rene of UNDERGROUND SOULS


This is a FREE event!
*space is limited – early arrival suggested*


Los Angeles born and bred, Vangelis and Vidal Vargas were raised in the ’80s on a steady diet of Latin freestyle, electro, and new wave that pervaded their urban environment. Their father also exposed them to cutting edge progressive acts Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, planting early seeds for aural exploration. By the mid ’90s they were sampling LA’s underground club scene and heavily researching electronic music’s roots. After years of influence they began to express their musical vision through their own recordings and performances. Vidal and Vangelis eventually found common ground with producer / performer Drumcell, and in 2002 they formed the Droid Behavior event production group and record label out of frustration with the city’s lack of knowledge, acceptance, and understanding for Midwest-bred techno and house music and their European counterparts.

As producers Vangelis and Vidal have released and licensed original music and remixes under various aliases (most notably Acid Circus and Raíz) on the Droid Recordings imprint as well as respected labels Historia y Violencia, Tora Tora Tora, DJMag, Music Man, Resident Advisor, and many more.

Raíz fully harness the capabilities of Traktor, Ableton, and Maschine technology to create a thick blend of Detroit influenced techno and gritty house. They take cues from years of classical training to infuse dynamic musical expression with a delicate balance of mixing board acrobatics and symbiotic intuition. Years of production experience inform their Live PA / Digital DJ hybrid approach, which uses each track’s core essentials to form a narrative arch for every unique set. Their releases follow suit and take only key elements from each rhythmic style to shape simplistic and deep music that captures their diverse influences and personal impressions.


Subversive has been a dj and part of Droid Behavior since the late 90s. In those times Techno was hard and acts like Surgeon, Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer and Regis were pumping out epic tracks. The Detroit, Birmingham and Berlin styles of that era all influenced Subversive and it can be heard in his dj sets. In the early stages Subversive mixed on three turntables when he had the opportunity. Fast paced mixing, effects and turntable tricks could typically be heard during his sets. Today, Subversive’s mixing has matured into a well developed sound that attempts to bridge the past with the present. He uses software along with hardware synths and turntables in order to create a more unique sound that reflects the future of what Techno can be. Subversive has had the privilege to mix along side some of his respected contemporaries like DJ Bone, Regis, Todd Sines, Surgeon, John Tejada and Fanon Flowers.

As far as Droid Behavior is concerned, Subversive has been involved with the group since its conception. Having met Acid Circus in college and Drumcell at parties in the 90s, Subversive contributes in any way he can to help Droid Behavior propel to new heights.

Download HERE


Track List:

001 – Sustainer – Ciclope_d – Original Mix
002 – Schwanbeck – I Don’t Understand – Quantec Remix
003 – Quantec – Magic Potion – Original Mix
004 – Leftover – Subconscious – Original Mix
005 – Leftover – Linear Aspect – Original Mix
006 – Kalon – Haiku – Original Mix
007 – No Regular Play – Derecha – Gadi’s Comin To Get You Remix
008 – Luna City Express – Plata – Original Mix

In Too Deep Presents:

DJ Jus-Ed | Underground Quality | NY/Bridgeport, CT

along with:

Santiago Salazar | Ican Prod, Historia y Violencia | L.A.

Reg Xelle | In Too Deep | L.A.

Eddie B. | Hawt Music, Una, Compact Disco | L.A.

Suli B. | Huastec, Deeper Moods | L.A.


full bar

location: Downtown Los Angeles (more info soon)

$10.00 before midnight/$15.00 after

info line: 213-403-0113