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Track List:

001 – Sustainer – Ciclope_d – Original Mix
002 – Schwanbeck – I Don’t Understand – Quantec Remix
003 – Quantec – Magic Potion – Original Mix
004 – Leftover – Subconscious – Original Mix
005 – Leftover – Linear Aspect – Original Mix
006 – Kalon – Haiku – Original Mix
007 – No Regular Play – Derecha – Gadi’s Comin To Get You Remix
008 – Luna City Express – Plata – Original Mix


“I just wanna shout about it…”

I love the change of pace around the 6:00 minute mark. It’s subtle, yet it affects the remaining course of the song, causing it to deepen the groove. 

Pinksilver is proud to announce its first long player by Venezuelan artist Miguel Colmenares.

On the back of his first outing with Pinksilver, ‘Guaguanco’, a track which appeared on many DJ live sets & mixes including Matthew Dear’s Creamfield’s set in 2006, Miguel showcases a range of production styles straddled between warm, emotive melodies & deeper, dance floor driven techno on Dancing Guaguanco in Space. In amongst these future sounds lies a hint of Latin flavour & rhythm which highlights Miguel’s unique & original production styles.

Guaguanco de Dia features the emotive & warm side of minimal techno with tracks such as Orituco, Tikitu Dub & Guarara. Sleep Slacks & Antiguo continue the Latin flavour with strong rhythmic arrangements nestled in-between clean & crisp sound palettes.

Guaguanco de Noche focuses on more late-night hypnotic sounds, starting with Tranquilito & People Mover. Neutralize showcases some phat bass & wicked grooves, while the title track, Dancing Guaguanco in Space, reveals a new take on the original with a rolling rhythm coupled with the trademark hook. Noche comes to an end with Klunkaso, an up & down journey through glitchy & driving tech resonance.

With a plethora of music releases each week, ‘Dancing Guaguanco in Space’ is a special artistic journey that will stand the test of time. Organic rhythms meet synthetic sounds. This is Pinksilver.


Guaguanco de Dia:

01:: Orituco
02:: Tikitu Dub
03:: Guarara
04:: Sleep Slacks
05:: Antiguo

Guaguanco de Noche:

06:: Tranquilito
07:: People Mover
08:: Neutralize
09:: Guaguanco in Space
10:: Klunkaso

Mastering by Beets
Artwork by Brunella Giannangeli

Download: Complete Release

Visit: Pinksilver