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Droog and Culprit barge into the New Year with this exploration of deep, funky, sexy, twisted house music. The setting is the spectacular rooftop of the Standard Hotel which served as staging grounds for Culprit’s notorious summer free-for-alls.

Now armed with heaters and on the first day of the long four-day holiday weekend, the rooftop should serve as a setting to no holds-barred celebration. Culprit recruits the crack(er) team of friends and future label artists, Detroit’s and Berlin’s finest, Lee Curtiss, Shaun Reeves and Ryan Crosson – together for the first time at an LA party.

2009 has been a marquee year for the trio, all having added tremendously to their already enviable reputations. The pioneers and banner carriers for the New Wave of US house and soulful techno, the fellas have found a home in Southern California with the Culprit family, with the rest of the global scene abuzz from their charismatic brand of dance music.

Culprit’s headmasters, Droog, and its Great Young Hope, Clovis join the trio to make this soiree a special one. With LA not starving for choice of enormous and over-produced New Year’s celebrations, the afterparty for the discerning and slightly jaded was much needed.

Join us on the first afternoon of 2010 to mark a new year of great music an great company.

As always, e-mail for guestlist