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Much in the tradition of American Bandstand and Soul Train,

the American Television tradition started off with live bands, live music, and lots of dancing. The image of people moving on-screen has captivated millions, and thanks to the success of Dancing With The Stars and other televised talent shows, the number of viewers continues to rise.

Keeping up with the tradition, “View At Your Own Risk” and The Blacklight Special Present:


A TELEVISED DANCE PARTY featuring ONE FULL HOUR of Electronic Dance Music provided by NIKO and RENÉ of UNDERGROUND SOULS.

If you’ve never been on TV, now is your chance!

Please join us and become a part of our interactive studio audience!

We ask that all guests arrive ON SET by 9:00 PM!!

No Food or Beverages allowed inside the studio.


7000 Hollister Ave.

Goleta, CA



Underground Souls has secured a weekly residency at Eos!

In order to keep it interesting, each week we will be showcasing a different DJ from our crew by giving them an extended 2.5 hour set. Doing this gives our DJ’s the freedom to explore different genres within a set, and enables them to build a vibe that carries you through a musical journey.

For our first installment, we will feature:



Niko started DJing in 2003, buying his first records while attending college in NY. His first exposure into the electronic music scene began when he attended the Love Parade in Berlin in 2001.  Shortly after, he began organizing events under 805 Crew Productions, which later transformed into Underground Souls.

His current style is a mix of House and Techno, and whether it’s sunrise on the mountain or peak hour in the club, he’ll get you dancing, screaming, and begging for more. From dark, complex techno bass lines with technical percussion, to hard-driving house with soulful melodies, he brings an exciting, original sound, aimed at filling the listener with energy and joy. Niko is passionate about his track selection, and you will rarely hear the same song played more than a couple of times, as he takes pride in bringing something new to the decks each and every set.

Join Niko has he plays a collection of all his favorite releases and loads of new bangin tracks in this special performance…
11:00 pm – Close

Opening sets by Underground Souls DJs

A great night of music, family, and friends.

Footage captured by Jake Izzo

Download HERE


Track List:

001 – Sustainer – Ciclope_d – Original Mix
002 – Schwanbeck – I Don’t Understand – Quantec Remix
003 – Quantec – Magic Potion – Original Mix
004 – Leftover – Subconscious – Original Mix
005 – Leftover – Linear Aspect – Original Mix
006 – Kalon – Haiku – Original Mix
007 – No Regular Play – Derecha – Gadi’s Comin To Get You Remix
008 – Luna City Express – Plata – Original Mix





Visuals by CPU

11p-6am // 18+/21
Downtown LA location
Funktion One Sound System


A hypnotic number to set the pace and mood. Take those tentative steps towards the dance floor and let yourself go; where you end up is entirely up to you.

Droog and Culprit barge into the New Year with this exploration of deep, funky, sexy, twisted house music. The setting is the spectacular rooftop of the Standard Hotel which served as staging grounds for Culprit’s notorious summer free-for-alls.

Now armed with heaters and on the first day of the long four-day holiday weekend, the rooftop should serve as a setting to no holds-barred celebration. Culprit recruits the crack(er) team of friends and future label artists, Detroit’s and Berlin’s finest, Lee Curtiss, Shaun Reeves and Ryan Crosson – together for the first time at an LA party.

2009 has been a marquee year for the trio, all having added tremendously to their already enviable reputations. The pioneers and banner carriers for the New Wave of US house and soulful techno, the fellas have found a home in Southern California with the Culprit family, with the rest of the global scene abuzz from their charismatic brand of dance music.

Culprit’s headmasters, Droog, and its Great Young Hope, Clovis join the trio to make this soiree a special one. With LA not starving for choice of enormous and over-produced New Year’s celebrations, the afterparty for the discerning and slightly jaded was much needed.

Join us on the first afternoon of 2010 to mark a new year of great music an great company.

As always, e-mail for guestlist

This is a Live Television broadcast that I did for my friend’s show, “View At Your Own Risk.” It was a great experience and a lot of fun; it allowed me to educate the “uninitiated” about real dance music. I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to play and the exposure it has given me. Thank you, VAYOR!



Interface 29 | Saturday, October 17, 2009

Performances by:

Chris Liebing, Kid 606, Deru, Edit, Acid Circus, Drumcell, M.Gervais,

James Patrick, Andrew Kelley, Pman and Joe Bickle

Los Angeles, CA – On Saturday, October 17th Droid Behavior celebrates their seven year anniversary with Interface 29. The event will feature Germany’s Chris Liebing (his first Los Angeles appearance in ten years), Kid 606 and a handful of other talents complemented by original light installations and a full bodied sound system. Interface 29 will take place in a undisclosed venue in Downtown Los Angeles whose location will be revealed the day of the event to ensure its exclusivity. Tickets are $15/$20/$25 and available at Those 21+ are invited and an open bar is offered from 10:00pm to 11:00pm. Attendees are encouraged to RSVP to[/email] to ensure receiving event information/location details otherwise, all details will be available at 323-743-8419 7:00pm and after on October 17th. Event updates and information are also offered online at

Over the course of seven years, Droid Behavior has played major a role in the architecture of nightlife and music in Los Angeles and beyond. Droid events are a full sensory experience; a surging soundtrack designed and performed by the best talents in their field complimented by stunning visual and art installations that completely engulf the audience. Collaborations with like minded groups Smog, Compression, Avalon, DeeperMoods and Detund have all synced perfectly thus resulting in the integration of subcultures in electronic music all while pushing and shifting the norm. Such happenings have also been the platform for showcasing the talents of Surgeon, Speedy J, Modeselektor, Vex’d, Jahcoozi, DBX, Alexander Robotnick and Apparatt and others. As a record label, Droid has received international notoriety in their releases resulting in heavy play, charting, licensing and phenomenal support from such industry icons as Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin, Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Joey Beltram, and Joel Mull. Droid Recordings has also captured the ear of the Media and is often described as the next wave of American techno.

Interface 29 will allow attendees to indulge in the experience, to share in the celebration of seven years of history, and to pay homage to those who have helped build a movement toward the future.



Chris Liebing (Live)

CLR :: Novamute :: Electric Deluxe // Frankfurt

Chris Liebing is Frankfurt’s premier techno DJ. As a 20-year veteran and early adopter of digital mixing and live song deconstruction, he’s toured the world numerous times both solo and as part of the Collabs Live duo with Speedy J. Liebing’s productions and remixes appear on such revered labels as Novamute and Tresor and in the playlists of the world’s top electronic DJs. Not only an established artist on many levels, Liebing has also been accredited to bringing true techno to the Ibiza crowds with his “Meganite” and “Be at Space” residencies over the last decade. Interface crowds should expect nothing less then epic sounds from this seasoned professional.

James Patrick vs M. Gervais (Live)

Timefog // MPLS

James Patrick is a longtime crusader for minimal techno and all kinds of electronic art. Through experimentation, he pushes the definitions of “forward thinking media” into new realms. Through both Djing and live performances worldwide, JP has developed and established his own brand of sleek, deep, and hypnotic electronic music. He also serves as creative director for the Microphono ( and Timefog ( labels.

For over twelve years DJ/producer/designer Mike Gervais has blazed an artistic trail ahead of his peers. Through the avid exploration of modern music technologies, his technique is constantly evolving. His performances deliver an extraordinary range of superlative sounds, swarming with bursts of real-time composition, looping, sampling, and effects. His DJ sets and original compositions have earned him critical acclaim from international producers and performers, earning him gigs across the United States and Canada. Mike serves as creative director for Timefog and has releases on Solar Cathedral Recordings, Nightlight Music, and Timefog.


Droid Behavior // LA

Founder of Droid Recordings and co-founder of Droid Behavior, Drumcell has been one of techno’s greatest allies in Southern California in recent times. A graduate of the Musician’s Institute and a long-time performer at parties in Southern California, Drumcell has been influenced by music from his earliest years. After being exposed to raves in the early 90s, He grew addicted to the sounds of industrial, acid house, and many forms of techno. Associating with the members of Acid Circus to form Droid Behavior as an event production group and record label was the next logical step to raise awareness for techno in the city and to help expose local Artists, established djs, and performers from around the country. When performing, Drumcell can be seen blurring the lines between a live and a DJ set by utilizing tools such as FX processors , samplers ,drum machines and other devices to weave a thick blend of acidic techno and aggressive but funky minimalist groove to ensure a frenzy amongst his listeners. Over the last 5 years Drumcell has rocked parties from big to small on a weekly basis in LA as well as gigs all over the U.S alongside such names as Kenny Larkin, john Tejada, Tim Xavier, Dan Bell, Ben Sims, Adam Beyer, Jeff Mills, Speedy J, Ritchie Hawtin, and Mathew Dear. He has also built quite a production resume with highly acclaimed releases and remixes on such labels as CLR, Kiddaz FM, Nitelite Music, and his own DROID recordings imprint. With the state of electronic music in North America leaning towards stripped down funk rather then progressive fluff these days, Droid has become the center for LA techno and Drumcell remains steadfast in his mission of putting this city on the global map.

Acid Circus (Live)

Droid Behavior // LA

In an industry where DJ’s no longer dominate the action with pressed wax, live PAs have taken digital mixing to another level. No strangers to tweaking and freqing everything within earshot, Acid Circus have mastered the art of live performance: Dropping original music, custom remixes, re-edits, and samples from both current and classic tracks, their unique and aggressive mix of electro, house, and every strain of techno in between has blurred the lines of dj set and live act. Their raw precision performances have placed them alongside major players Magda, Jeff Mills, Konrad Black, John Tejada, Tony Rohr, Richard Devine, and Italo Boys at undergrounds, festivals, after parties and club nights all over California, Seattle, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Miami, and Philadelphia. Their releases have been charted and heavily played by techno heavyweights Speedy J, Adam Beyer and Richie Hawtin.

Peyman vs Andrew Kelley

Autobrennt :: Weekend Club // LA-Berlin


Lies Lies Lies // LA

Resident and Founder of LA’s latest and only running techno weekly LIES LIES LIES, Bickle influences and supports techno and house fans in the city as promoter and performer. He has

played along side and presented such names as Bloody Mary, Hyperactive, Soul Clap, Mike Vamp, Drumcell, DJ Heather, Dilo and Seuil and will continue his contributions to the nightlife landscape.


Kid 606 (Live)

Tigerbeat6 :: Tigerbass :: Violent Turd // Berlin

Inspired by hardcore techno, indie punk, noise rock, and a liberal dose of heavy metal, Kid606 explodes genres with his anything-goes approach to electronic music. Ipecac, Mille Plateaux, Soul Jazz, and most notably his own Tibergbeat6 are among the many labels daring to put out the Kid606 sound, which has included digital hardcore in line with Atari Teenage Riot, back-to-basics techno, listening music, and collaborations with Matmos among others. His 2009 full-length “Shout at the Döner” portrays the growth of his abrasive sound coupled with new dancefloor sensibilities. Kid606 will preform his current and classic material for Interface exclusively.

Planet Mu (Live)

Alphapup // LA

Deru (Live)

Ghostly Intl. // LA

Deru’s music is best described as the meeting place of hip-hop and IDM. A CalArts music technology graduate, he now resides in LA and composes for TV, film, dance, and other performance art. Deru co-owns the music and sound company “The Track Team,” which has earned an MPSE Golden Reel Award for best sound design in 2009 (Avatar: The Last Airbender). In 2008 he collaborated on a dance score for the Paris Opera Ballet with classical composer Joby Talbot. Deru has released music on high profile labels such as Ghostly International, Merck, Neo Ouija, and Mille Plateaux. Prepare for left field yet dance floor centered sounds to be performed in ways only Deru can.

Surachai vs Eustachian (Live)

Fathme Recs // Chicago – LA

Derek Michael vs Baseck (Live)

Detund : Friendly Integration // LA

Eezir (Live)

Friendly Integration // LA

John Von

Vibration Institute // LA





and other special guests

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